Choosing the Right Builder

When considering a remodeling project selecting the right builder for the job is critical. Here is a list of questions and helpful tips to keep in mind when going through the interviewing process and collecting bids:

How long has the builder been in the business? Ask for photos of recent projects that might be similar in style so you can see their work.  Better yet ask if you can visit a current job site.

Does the company have a designer or architect they work with, and if so is that service included in the overall cost of the project or separate?

Is the company familiar with the city you live in with respect to permits, code and process?

How long have the builders had relationships with their subcontractors and how long have the subcontractors been in business?

Ask for a sample contract. Contracts should be as specific as possible and include the following:

• Specific materials that will be used—make/model/brand

• Labor that will be performed

• Estimated timeline including start and finish dates

• Payment schedule

• Warranties

How would communication work? Who is the point person? How often will there be phone or face to face meetings?

Is there a sense of rapport? Does the builder seem excited about the project? Does their personality fit with yours?