Kim’s Updates

Transforming Lives Through Running!

Kim and Mile In My Shoes are transforming lives by providing this group running platform and offering additional financial support through funding shoes, apparel, and entry fees into races.

You May Be Eligible for a Property Tax Refund up to $2500.00

Recent legislative changes have adjusted the threshold for property tax refunds in Minnesota. The initial deadline to file is August 15, 2023, but extensions are possible.

Spring Market Update – Multiple Offers Are Back

The spring market is now in full bloom. It's vitally important to get your strategy in place whether you're a buyer or a seller.

Is the real estate market going up or down?

Inventory is up over 40% in February. Closed sales are down 20% Homes still getting multiple offers! What gives?

How to Make Decisions with Imbalance in the Local Market

We can help navigate through this extraordinary time in the market.

New Tax Law Real Estate Questions Answered

Clarification to some of the common questions we are getting asked relating to real estate and new tax law.

When is the best time to put your home on the market?

Answers to this very common question.

Three tips for getting your home ready for sale

Smart first steps you should take.

Market News & Insights

How Do I Determine the “True Value of My Home” in Today’s Market?

A knowledgeable Realtor will consider market conditions, neighborhood features, and current renovations when determining your home’s actual market value.

Looking Back on 2023, a Year of Resilience

Despite the challenges of rising interest rates and a market where both buyers and sellers were hesitant, housing prices continued to rise in most Twin Cities neighborhoods.

The Art of Timing – Benefits of Selling a Home in a Higher Interest Rate Environment

There are several compelling reasons why selling your home in such an environment can be advantageous.

Inspections Are Back – But Looking Different

The need for an inspection seems to be a little fluid in the Twin Cities marketplace over the last 12-18 months.

Who’s Buying in Today’s Market? Empty Nesters & Retirees

PART THREE OF THREE - Surprisingly, they often don’t downsize but instead right-size into a layout more conducive to age in place.

Who’s Buying in Today’s Market? Move-Up Buyers

PART TWO OF THREE - This group of buyers thrives on convenience and is willing to pay more to have it. If you are a seller trying to attract a move-up buyer, read on!

Who’s Buying in Today’s Market? First Time Home Buyers

The first in a three-part series looking closely at what attracts and motivates today’s buyers at different stages of their lives. First up: first time home buyers.

2022 • A Roller Coaster Ride of a Year

The buzzwords of early 2022 were “multiple offers,” but once summer hit the new buzzword became “rates.” What a ride it was!

Should I Wait for Better Rates?

Waiting may bring you a better rate, but the real question is: will you get a better deal by waiting? Have a look at the numbers...

Bright Side of the Market

According to the media, in respect to housing, it may sound like the sky is falling. Really, there are more bright spots than dark.

So…What is My Home Really Worth?

The “three A’s” are a good starting point, but when you are ready to put your home on the market, connect with us for a market valuation.

Where is All of the Housing Inventory?

If you read the news and look at the data, we are still experiencing a housing shortage in the Twin Cities. Here are a few insights...

A Look Back at 2021 and Ahead to 2022

2021 will likely go down as being the year with the most record-breaking stats. Will 2022 be any different?

Is it Still a Seller’s Market?

The data says yes. Inventory, buyer demand, and rising prices say that sellers have the advantage. But, is it a seller market for everyone?

Twin Cities Area Has New Hot Real Estate Segment: Million-Dollar Homes

Factors surrounding the pandemic have caused inventory of seven-figure homes to drop in some suburbs.

Where Have All the Houses Gone?

In today's housing market, it seems harder than ever to find a home to buy.

How Does Zillow Really Work?

Answers to Recent Questions About this Popular Platform

February is a Sweet Time to Get in the Market

If you're thinking about selling, now might be the perfect time to make the move.

Twin Cities Real Estate Market Changes for 2020

We've identified some key changes for homebuyers and sellers that will affect the market in 2020.

Stay or Go?

Home improvement ideas worth your time whether you're packing up or staying put.

The Truth About Selling in the Winter

Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean the housing market is cold. Some key stats that illuminate the truth about selling in the winter.

Strategies for Multiple Offers

When a listing receives multiple offers the biggest offer is always tempting, but multiple offer scenarios need to be approached carefully by both the seller and the buyer.

Home Ideas

Hanging at Home – Backyard & Patio Ideas

We're all likely spending a bit more time at home this summer. Here are some great ideas for the backyard / patio.

They’re All Associated

What, exactly, are the differences between condos, townhomes and villas?

Where Do Minnesotans Retire?

It's kind of a trick question. Most stay right here in Minnesota!

Inspection Insights – Fireplaces, Radon and Sewer Lines

Buyers are increasingly adding more items to the inspection process.…

Choosing the Right Builder

When considering a remodeling project selecting the right builder…

Remodeling Financing

Whether you are looking to buy a new home to remodel, or renovate…