Stay or Go?

Home Improvement Ideas Worth Your Time Whether You’re Packing Up or Staying Put.

For those out there that love ALL of the seasons of Minnesota the colder months are the perfect time for do-it-yourself or affordable interior improvement projects that can give an older home new life. BUT – for those of you that are considering a move, the following list works for you, too–particularly if you’re looking for projects that can freshen up a space as you’re prepping to put it on the market.

Replacing an ancient light fixture with a new design is an afternoon project that can have dramatic results. A new multi-bulb chandelier can turn a dark, forgotten space into one that is bright and renewed. Make sure to add a dimmer switch for maximum ambience control.

While changing wall colors might be an obvious cold weather project, keep in mind those old bookshelves, the fireplace, and even your kitchen cabinets which might be deserving of a new coat of paint. Hiding tired wood stains and adding dramatic color can completely transform the feel of a space. Make sure you sand previously-stained woods to make sure the paint sticks!

Those who love to work on puzzles in the colder months might also enjoy updating your fixtures in your kitchen or bath. Switching your kitchen sink faucet to a new, retractable model (or even a no-touch model) can make your kitchen work and look better. In a bath, a new faucet fixture combined with a new mirror or paint can breath new life into an old space.

Looking for more ideas? Try THIS ARTICLE from Netflix’ Bobby Berk. It’s got some great inspiration for updates that can help convert a house into a dream home. Need help with the work? LET US KNOW – we can recommend trusted contractors who can lend a hand.


As the leaves fall and colder weather moves in, many experienced homeowners ask themselves that annual question “Is this Minnesota winter really for me?” We’ve had many recent conversations with people going through this decision-making process. If we move, do we sell first or buy? Should we downsize to a condo or smaller home? Should we get the heck out of here and head to warmer climate? When’s the best time to put our home on the market?

The Kim Pease Team can help ask the right questions that will assist you in navigating your next move, whether that be, to a smaller home, a condo, or a move to another state.

Contact us if you or someone you know might need some guidance.