How to Make Decisions with Imbalance in the Local Market

In the short video above Kim talks through the current, extraordinary dynamics in the local market that started early last year and have continued through to late winter:

  • 2020 started with a low level of homes for sale
  • Sellers have been hesitant to get back into the market since COVID
  • Mortgage rates dropped to historic lows
  • We currently have a severe imbalance in the market: more buyers than sellers

This interesting period in the local market has both buyers and sellers wondering if now is really a good time to make a move?

  • Sellers seem to be in a strong position, but are worried they won’t find a house to buy if they sell
  • Buyers are wondering how aggressive they will need to be in their offer – will they need to prepare for multiple offers?

The Kim Pease Team can help ask the right questions that will help navigate through this market imbalance.

Contact us if you or someone you know might need some guidance.