You may be eligible for a property tax refund up to $2500.00 — New legislative change 2023 in MN.

HENNEPIN COUNTY RESIDENTS: To check if you qualify for this special tax refund, go to the link below:


  1. Once you fill in your address, another screen will open.
  2. Once opened, click the 2nd link down: 2023 State Copy( used when filing 2022 M-1PR State Refund)
  3. Then do a quick calculation to see if your 2023 property taxes increased more than 6% from what you paid in 2022—make sure you are looking at your actual tax amount, not the assessed value.

More information here on MN special property tax refund:

If you qualify, check with your accountant to see if they filled out M1PR for you. Or you can file here:

The deadline is Aug 15, 2023 but they do allow an extension to Aug. 15, 2024—check with your accountant on the extension.

Contact us if you or someone you know might need some guidance.