Transforming Lives Through Running!

Kim and Mile In My Shoes are transforming lives by providing this group running platform and offering additional financial support through funding shoes, apparel, and entry fees into races.

You May Be Eligible for a Property Tax Refund up to $2500.00

Recent legislative changes have adjusted the threshold for property tax refunds in Minnesota. The initial deadline to file is August 15, 2023, but extensions are possible.

Spring Market Update – Multiple Offers Are Back

The spring market is now in full bloom. It’s vitally important to get your strategy in place whether you’re a buyer or a seller.

Is the real estate market going up or down?

Inventory is up over 40% in February. Closed sales are down 20% Homes still getting multiple offers! What gives?

How to Make Decisions with Imbalance in the Local Market

We can help navigate through this extraordinary time in the market.

New Tax Law Real Estate Questions Answered

Clarification to some of the common questions we are getting asked relating to real estate and new tax law.

For more details check out this link:

When is the best time to put your home on the market?

Three tips for getting your home ready for sale